Here are some answers to the most common questions.

Most Common Questions

Don’t fear the answers the the most common questions is here.

Sooo do ``UNLIMITED`` really mean UNLIMITED?

YES. You can request as many designs at one time as you would like, BUT work is only completed one design at a time and must be accepted before the next design begins.


Now tell me how quickly I canI expect a design back?

While we typically finish designs much faster than 24-hours we give ourselves a 24-hour turnaround to ensure we are delivering in a timely matter.

What can I request? What is included with graphic designs?

Blog graphics, social media graphics, lead magnets, PPC ads, slide decks, flyers & brochures, business cards, covers and mockups, banners, icons, infographics, and more.

This excludes web designs, logo designs, and app designs. Also keep in mind that the more detailed the design is, the longer it may take.

Come on now there's a contract somewhere right?

NOPE! You can cancel at any time and all of our work is guaranteed, so there are no refunds.

Ok so what's included in the ``Social Media Template``

Whatever you can post to social media can be made into a template